Food & Drink FederationBrand definition & refresh

The Brief

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is the voice of the UK food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the country. The FDF existed in a rapidly changing stakeholder environment and the arrival of a new Director General & move to new offices warranted a deep review of the Federation, its purpose, mission and stakeholder priorities. Their current identity was also felt to be tired and in need of a refresh.

Our Insight

Our strategic thinking

After a series of interviews with the FDF Board and senior managers of the members, a new Brand definition and DNA was created which significantly refreshed the existing brand.

The agency considered a number of territories including advocacy, mission, how the Federation could be better, tone of voice and universal characteristic and a new FDF positioning line was produced which captured the Federations multi-purpose and expert capabilities which produced an underlying statement and narrative of who they are – PASSIONATE ABOUT FOOD AND DRINK.

Our Solution

Our creative execution

Our DNA model redefined the brand and allowed us to create a single page template for the new brand, it’s identity, communication and office space.

New guidelines including logo, colour, typography, tone of voice, stationery, and video was produced as well as a redesign of the new website.

The Results

The overall benefits

We helped the FDF set the direction for their future development by creating a new brand positioning and identity which reflected the FDF’s growth and new status in the food and drinks sector. This was then combined with the new strapline “Passionate about Food & Drink” which brought the focus onto the people and businesses involved in the largest manufacturing market in the UK.

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