WestcoastBrand definition & refresh

The Brief

Westcoast wanted to review its business and brand positioning which it felt it had outgrown.

Our Insight

Our strategic thinking

Westcoast has been incredibly successful in the IT distribution market achieving a £3 billion turnover. However in a disruptive marketplace, Westcoast’s transactional brand and business positioning was becoming dated and uncompetitive.

Yet the business was agile and many of their competitors were much larger conglomerates without the passion and people to deliver the best solutions. A situation of “David fighting Goliath”.

Our Solution

Our creative execution

We undertook a series of Board Level interviews and a Brand DNA process to understand the brand definition now and in the future. ​​

We then delivered a competitive, multi market Brand DNA which underpinned a change management programme which would make the business robustly scalable for growing their business model.

Finally, we produced a fresh and engaging new identity, supported by full guidelines which were translated across all media and underpinned the launch of their new website.

The Results

The overall benefits

The transformational DNA drove a new brand identity and a complete business change programme, enabling their re-seller enablement expansion programme and transforming the business for the 21st Century.

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