A new style of agency that does things in a fresh and sometimes radical way to develop creative connections that work.

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We're in an extraordinary new age of communication. Consumers assimilate information from absolutely everywhere, 24/7.

If it's relevant and engaging it's absorbed, if not it’s dismissed. And they are smart enough to join up the dots themselves, everything they see and hear counts.

So siloed thinking and the wasteful and time consuming 'relay race' that often accompanies it in agencies doesn't work anymore. We're a new style of agency that does things in fresh and sometimes radical ways to develop the 'creative connections' that work.

And creative connections, from pack, to paid media, to social, from direct to shopper marketing, are the vital glue that makes ideas stand out in consumer’s mind and influence their behaviour.

our approach

Insight, creative connections,
engagement. No surprises there, but
the way we do it is...

brand dna

Magnifing glass

Defining the compelling truth of the brand, that enables a consistent and accessible expression of the brand idea. The ‘life force’ of creative and strategic connections.

brand jam

People generating ideas

A dynamic event process that quickly uncovers deep insights on brand, product, and target market. The conversations are electric, the output rich in insight.

the imaginarium

light bulb

A tool which produces cutting edge ideas, faster, easier and cheaper than ever before.

impact nav

Impact I

This online & real world tool scientifically establishes which part of a message and its presentation is or isn’t working, thus reducing costs whilst improving effectiveness. It can be used on all media, from posters to TV to online.

what we do

Brand DNA definition, Brand creation, Marketing strategy. Direct, Shopper marketing, Promotions. Advertising, Brand advocacy, Concept development, Internal culture marketing.

who we are

Roundtable is founded by Peter Thompson, whose previous agency twice won Agency of the Year.

Around him are globally experienced strategic and creative minds who passionately believe in the flexibility of being able to work collaboratively with the best and most talented people and technologies worldwide.


In addition to Roundtable's Soho team, our 'open architecture model' has a growing worldwide family of over 170 specialist affiliates, individuals and businesses, who together offer an unparalleled range of specialist skills, talent and experience.


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If you would like to find out more about Roundtable Creative Connections please call
Peter Thompson on +44 203 772 8547

Alternatively you can email us on